Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So this one'll be quick but i've committed to daily posting (the first one actually went up yesterday, not Sunday btw) so here goes..

Last night headlined the SPARK STories show at the Powerhouse Theater in Santa Monica - an 80 seater that  is always packed for the most eclectic story show in town, in the one real theatrical venue for stories. I've done it twice before, doing the story of how i joined a circus and also how baseball affected my entire life with my dad, but last night the theme was "Risk" and i did the story of how a fellow comic offered me a ride one night, only to tell me that he was in therapy for controlling his urge to kill strangers. It's a crazy story, but all true of course, and I got the craziest reaction of my LIFE for it. Afterwards, seven different women including a billboard model for a major national jeans company, came running up and asking me for my number or offering me theirs. That has never happened before to me. Ever. If this wasn't a sign of what I'm supposed to do with my life, what is?

Onward and upward - tonight it's a screening of "Where the Wild Things Are"!

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